2019 Pinterest-Perfect Summer Wedding Trends

It’s 2019, and trends are being recycled and refurbished- figuratively and literally. In 2019, classic meets boho-chic and a little of everything in between. For those planning a wedding for summer of 2019 or simply attending one, here are the top trends to keep in mind.

It would be a lie to say florists aren’t raving over this year’s wedding trends because we are. Flowers are as popular as ever, but our job won’t be easy. While flower wearables and garden layouts are the top of the 2019 summer wedding trends, the overall structure has changed rather drastically.

Trends exist to keep things from getting static. Trends are a guide for new ideas, and they can be a fun way to change up things in your own life. Wedding planning is stressful enough. It helps to have a good place to start. If you are worried about whether your ideas make sense or whether they look good, trends will lead you in the right direction.

Don’t just rely on Google. Talk to some professionals. Our florists are here to help. Weddings are one of our specialties. Don’t just take our word for it. Talk with a professional wedding planner in your area. Photographers are another great point of reference. They’ll know what will pop on camera. While the conversation is sparked, ask them for an estimate and consultation.

The 2019 wedding trends take everything for a loop. Everything you thought you knew about weddings have taken a sharp turn. Many traditions are no longer mandatory.

Mixed Matched

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. A new and upcoming trend that is both good for your wedding aesthetic and good for your wallet is the mix-match trends.

You can quite literally mix anything in with the 2019 wedding styles. Textures can be mixed and matched accordingly. For example, you can mix textures into your table setup. Various textures of tablecloths, napkins, plates and glasses can be layered to avoid a static design. This popular trend is used to draw the eye in.

There is no need to spend extra on bulk. Thrift shopping for mixed and matched china is a whole lot cheaper, and it gives a unique aesthetic of its own.

Along with mixed matched textures, mixed matched colors are a newly embraced trend. There have always been the traditional color schemes, as well as, the newly adopted ones each year. However, 2019 has opened the door to mixed matched attire. Mixed matched bridesmaid dresses, anyone?

That’s right! It is widely accepted for bridesmaids to choose varying maxi dresses of the same shade or differing sun dresses that fit somewhere into the color scheme. Depending on the bride’s taste and style, bridesmaids may have the same textured dress (I.e. velvet- a 2019 must) that incorporates every shade in her wedding color palette. Keep in mind, other brides could care less about the texture and only care that the colors match.

This trend is somewhat refurbished but with the bridesmaids’ budgets in mind. The bride may just like the look, but it is also cost affective. The bridesmaid will choose a dress that fits their body type and will be more likely to reuse their dress. It is a win-win.

The bridal party is another mixed matched trend. Fewer people are going with the 6 bridesmaids, six groomsmen lined up on either side of the couple. This year, more people are intermingling the bridal party or not having one at all. This trend was embraced as a symbol of two lives becoming one, or if the couple chooses to stand alone, it is to help keep the focus on this new-found love story.

Light Up the Night

The ceremony is over, and it was truly stunning. The dresses, the bridal party and the overall backdrop is covered. There are several different trends for weddings this year that incorporate vibrancy and light to the big day.

Candles have been a traditional wedding accent to add light and ambiance to a wedding, but 2019 has a different approach. This year’s wedding trends are LIT with string lines galore. There are a variety of design mixtures such as: pendant designs, fringed designs, exposed bulbs, boho chandeliers and so much more. These simple accents add light, set a mood and finish off an aesthetic perfectly.

There are plenty of shaped lights. These give an even more unique look to a wedding’s design. Stars are one fun and beautiful option. If your ceremony is outside and your reception is brought indoors or under a tent or canopy, these lights will help the transition seem effortless. It will fit the wedding’s overall look, and they are truly breathtaking.

It is also fun to add needed color and vibrancy into your favors or even into decorative food displays. Colorful macaroons are easily used as a splash of color for food displays. Plus, everyone will love being able to try the variety. Fruit is another colorful option. Setup sections for fruit. It will be a great snack to grab in between dances or during cocktail hour. The colors will pop, and your guests will love the refreshing snack.

Color Me Bright

With every trend 2019 has to offer, there is one common goal- to be bold and to stand out. While the millennial pinks and pastel blues seem to be a living trend. The 2019 wedding color schemes are leaning to more bold and brilliant options. The pastels are traded in for sunny yellows, radiant reds, bolder peaches, brighter pinks and the list continues. This trend is still open to pastels but compliment them with richer options. The pale blues are complimented with sunny yellow, and the pale pinks are combined with navy blue.

The 2019 summer wedding color palette is truly a sight for sore eyes. While black and white weddings will remain classic, brides and grooms are taking a leap in a daring direction. They dare to be different and choose a more uncommon approach. These colors aren't only seen in their attire choices (covered more later), but they are also embracing their richness in the floral design scheme.

With mis-matched bridal party attire, a statement is already made. It is important that the floral choices reflect the wedding’s overall theme without taking away from this desired choice. The 2019 wedding trends offer a more minimalistic approach to bridal bouquets and boutonnieres. With the rise of the monoflower, more and more brides are sticking with designs composed of only one flower type. It is truly a unique look.

Succulents- succulents are a growing trend in 2019. They are seen everywhere. They are seen widely in home or office décor. Now, they are seen in many wedding designs. If you don’t see them on nearly every shelf, you’ll see them in this year’s wedding pictures. They are a popular statement for bridal bouquets, centerpieces and as wedding favors. These beautiful plants are used widely as accents for the more boho and minimalistic designs. Embracing the succulent trend is an ideal place to start. They are a great accent to embrace for a 2019 wedding.

The bolder floral choices are found in the flower wall displays for guests or by stretching petals. This ahead-of-the-curve trend is found by using fewer petals in more places. Flowers are found stretched over tablecloths, in draping chandeliers and even in the bride’s dress choice or flower wearables.

What once was an overwhelming swarm of flower crowns is now evolved into more subtle statement pieces. Wraps, arm cuffs and floral jewelry caress the bride. Hair accessories are still popular, but with a more unstructured, garden feel. Simplicity is found in these naturally breathtaking pieces. Although the design is relatively basic, it adds such flair to photos and a bride’s overall look. These floral wearables are all something our florists at Conroy's Flowers Bakersfield in Bakersfield, CA, are happy to create for your big day.

Everything Bride & Groom

For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, till death do us part. A wedding is meant to be a celebration. It is meant to celebrate the joining of two lives. It is meant to reflect their unique love story and the journey they are about to take on together. The journey called life.

A raving bridal trend for 2019 surrounds the bride’s dress. Ruffles are back and ruffle-E-er than ever. Some bridal dresses even have an ombre’d look. This look is a matter of the bride’s preference, but for the bride that loves ruffles, this is the trend to embrace. She will be all the rage on her wedding day.

Bridal dresses with sleeves are among the other bridal trends this year. This trend embraces the classics. Some say it is just chic. Wedding dresses with sleeves are among the most popular 2019 wedding trends. Floral wedding dresses and dresses with mixed textures are perfect for the 2019 bride that wants some flair. Add some sleeves, and you may just make it on the cover of Bridal Guide. Classic and chic are the common threads tying the 2019 wedding trends together. They are truly Pinterest worthy.

Men, you aren’t left out. Bold colors are in for you to. The 2019 wedding trends for men involve color suits. Black, grey and navy aren’t your only options. A burnt orange or a hunter green suit jacket are just a few options. This 2019 wedding trend for men opens the door to a more fun and unique style. Men deserve to stand out and draw attention on their big day to! Frankly, his suit will be one more compliment to the bride’s look. The pictures will be breathtaking!

Blan is boring, and this year’s trends are nothing close to boring.The soft wedding colors have had a pumped up, poppin’ makeover. Designs, textures, colors, materials and big, bold statements have taken over the 2019 wedding trend radar. The 2019 summer wedding colors are composed of bright blues, radiate oranges and all brilliant hues. The color of the year is coral. Embrace that into your wedding design. Coral is a fitting color for a summer wedding palette. It is a trendy hue.

Pair it with something you love. Combine the classics with the whimsical. Brighten up a space with accents and lights. Mix and match styles. The great part of the 2019 summer wedding trends is that no rules truly apply. If you love coral but also love blue, pair it, embrace it and let the planning begin.

Dare to be daring. Dare to be different. Dare to dive into you own style and differing opinions. What truly matters is that you and your partner are happy. What matters is that you and your partner can look into each other’s eyes and see a future together. While staying on trend gets you pinned on Pinterest and more likes on Instagram, the only thing that truly matters is that your wedding is what you want.

In all realness, it doesn’t matter which venue your mom likes best or what dress your bridesmaids fight for. Trends keep style innovative and collect new faces, but they often take away from individuality. It is important to find who you and your partner are among all the trends, all the opinions and all the stress that goes along with planning a wedding. The goal is to do it once. Be proud of your choices. It is one of the first big choices you will together as a couple. It deserves to be special.

Every one of these trends are bound to be swarming Pinterest boards this year. If you are looking to make your mark on Pinterest or get your fair share of likes on Instagram, consider referencing these new trends. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Let these trends be a platform to branch off. Happy wedding planning!

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