Graduation Party Theme Ideas


One day they are asking permission to go out. The next day they are making life impacting decisions all on their own. In order to honor all of the dedicated and deserving graduates, graduation parties are commonly held.

The most common graduation gifts to send or give are money, cards, keepsakes and of course, flowers. The professionals at Conroy's Flowers Bakersfield in Bakersfield, CA want to help you find the perfect graduation gift to give that special graduate in your life. We want to create the bouquet that correctly reflects the graduate it will go to.

As much as a graduate wants to enjoy the remaining time they have as a graduate, the stress of it all seems to overshadow this important time. The graduation season is great, stressful and overall eventful. If you want to give a graduation gift that reminds the graduate of all the good times, we have the graduation theme idea just for you- summer time! The Floral Embrace flower arrangement is an assortment of bold Sunflowers, exquisite hot pink Roses and show stopping orange Lilies. This arrangement reminds you that summer time is just around the corner, and the graduate just needs to keep pushing forward. These graduation flowers are sure to brighten and encourage the future of the graduate.

Inspiration can be found from anywhere. Your home, your school and even nature can inspire a person. Every graduate is looking for the inspiration they need to make it through the short track they have remaining until graduation. Nature is just the right way to incorporate this encouragement into a graduation theme idea! The Garden Inspiration flower arrangement is a glowing example of nature and will be a great accent to a nature themed graduation party. This graduation gift idea is covered in fresh lilies, daisy poms, carnations and decorated with a few bold butterflies. Any graduate would be buzzing to know you thought so deeply about them and their future with these graduation flowers.

The experts at Conroy's Flowers Bakersfield in Bakersfield, CA are excited to celebrate this new season in people's lives. We want to make this exciting time full of graduations as beautiful as possible. We want to congratulate all of those stepping forward into this new journey in life. We hope we can help you celebrate with some incredible graduation party ideas!

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