Must Have Decor for Your Easter Celebrations

Traditionally, Easter is a holiday and festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead three days after his burial at Calvary, following his crucifixion by the Romans. However, even those who do not practice Christianity with their loved ones enjoy the holiday too. This is mainly due to the holiday's commercialization, but the term "Easter" is still used to mark the beginning of dawn. Interestingly, this is because the English word Easter comes from an older German word for east, which comes from an even older Latin word for dawn.


Those who celebrate Easter often send each other presents, ranging from chocolate to a bouquet of flowers and other Easter gifts (usually in the form of eggs). Many people often want to host Easter celebration parties that include Easter-themed decorations and games for the kids to enjoy, such as an Easter egg hunt - although adults are also often involved! This year, are you planning an Easter party? Not sure what to get for your celebration of Easter? Here are some fantastic Easter decoration ideas for throwing a party that everybody will remember!

Easter decorations for the outside of your home

Decorations for Easter don’t have to just be inside of your home, and here are some fantastic ideas for outdoor Easter decorations for you to try out this year:

An egg wreath made out of hard-boiled eggs and decorated with flowers such as baby’s breath. This is a great decoration to hang on your front door a few months after your Christmas wreath!

Easter egg hunt ‘clues. Buy or make signs giving the Easter egg hunt participants clues on where to find eggs around your garden.

Easter plant pots. Plant some daffodils in a terracotta pot and place some fake bunnies onto the soil.

Create an easter egg flower box for your garden with artificial grass and plastic Easter eggs in pastel colors for an eye-popping decoration!

If you’ve got a pet rabbit, decorate their outdoor pen with Easter flowers and pastel colors. Be sure to check if any flowers are poisonous to your bunny though!

Easter decorations for the inside of your home

There are so many things you could do when it comes to indoor Easter decorations, and all of these following ideas can be achieved for little to no price, meaning you’ve got more money to spend on your Easter celebrations!

An Easter ‘tree’ is a fast-growing trend that many people are loving! Dig out your Christmas tree and buy or make Easter themed baubles to hang on your tree. Gather some dried baby’s breath and use it as tinsel and finally, get the kids to make a bunny tree topper in place of the star or angel!

Create an Easter garland from a basic garland (you can pick these up at any craft store) and decorate it with plastic eggs you and the children can decorate.

Place glass or clear plastic bowls around your home filled to the brim with jelly beans or mini chocolate eggs for everyone to enjoy.

Create Easter bunny crackers using leftover Christmas crackers and decorating them with Easter themed colors.

Place flower arrangements full of Easter flowers to add a beautiful scent as well as sight in your windows or on the coffee table.

Spring flower centerpieces

Flower centerpieces are a wonderful way of decorating your tables during the Easter holiday. There are three main flowers used for this holiday, and they’re great for cheering up any room and providing a fresh and sweet scent to any room.

White Lily

White lilies are perhaps the most traditional Easter flower you can buy, and they symbolize hope, love, and purity. They also help commemorate Jesus’ resurrection and are wonderful for Easter centerpieces.


Daffodils are perfect for springtime flower centerpieces because that’s when they bloom. Planted in the fall, daffodils are at their peak during March and April time, meaning they’re perfect for celebrating Easter. Their bright yellow and white coloring adds a fantastic feature to any room and brightens up your day.


Tulips are another staple flower when it comes to the springtime, and that’s due to their beautiful bright colors that reflect the feeling of springtime and Easter. Choose a generous bunch of tulips with white, pink and yellow for your table centerpiece this year for a beautiful display that everyone will enjoy.

There are other flowers to consider for Easter too such as daisies, carnations and hyacinths. Speak to your florist today about an Easter bouquet for either yourself or a loved one! At 1-800-Flowers Conroy's Bakersfield we would love to assist you in the process of creating a spring Easter bouquet! Our team can have your order delivered straight to your home with our delivery options in and around Bakersfield, CA.

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