Ways to Plan a Valentine's Day He'll Actually Enjoy


You love him, but he is hard to shop for, especially for Valentine’s Day. Heart-shaped candies and oversized plush animals may not be the way to win over your boyfriend or husband’s heart on Valentine’s Day. Regardless, if your man is a romantic at heart or a skeptic by nature, the goal of planning a Valentine’s Day he will actually enjoy is achievable.

They are commonly asked questions. What should I do for my husband on Valentine’s Day, or what should I do for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day? Sorry, there aren’t direct answers.

It’s a challenge, but it is a challenge you can handle. You love him and want to be able to express that in a fun way on such a romantic holiday. Get past the barrier that is your husband or boyfriend's gift list and plan a Valentine's Day he’ll enjoy with these helpful tips.

Learn His Love Language.

Nagging him isn’t working and asking him what he wants may feel like you are extracting information from a criminal. Have you ever considered that you just aren’t picking up what he is putting down? You may be one of the most observant people in the world, but unless you understand how your significant other communicates, you will remain in the dust.

We all have our own unique love language, including the man in your life. A person’s love language isn’t always depicted through verbal conversation. The code is often cracked through a person’s actions and their nonverbal signals.

It isn’t always as simple as asking. In all fairness, many people don’t know how to communicate their love language, so don’t hold it against your boyfriend or husband. Just as you wouldn’t want them to hold it against you. They might be struggling with the same things you are. Trust us.

In order to plan a Valentine’s Day he’ll enjoy; you have to show him you know him. This can be done through unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him or through a well-thought-out Valentine’s Day date.

Relationships should never be one-sided. For them to work, the two parties have to be willing to work, supporting the other and understanding what makes the other tick.

Treat Him.

There are great Valentine’s Day gifts for men out there. They just may not be what you think.

Surprise him with his favorite coffee along with a hand-written love note. Have his favorite lunch delivered to work or better yet, bring it to him. Think about it. How much do those small, spontaneous gestures mean to you, or what is in your heart that you so desperately desire.?

That is your love language.

Just as you can’t read his mind, he can’t read yours. Cracking his love language often boils down the willingness to be observant and vulnerable to your partner. It may take some time. That’s okay. Communication is important, but it isn’t always key. Comprehension is. When you can comprehend the words and actions of your partner’s love language, treating him gets a whole lot easier.

What to do For Your Boyfriend or Husband on Valentine’s Day

It isn’t commonly discussed, but the status of your relationship is another determining factor in which you should base your gifts for him this Valentine’s Day. Is this your first Valentine’s Day together? Have you been dating for three weeks or one year? Are you casually dating, in a committed relationship or are you married?

These factors have a lot to do with the extravagance of your Valentine’s Day gift for him. All these answers will give you a better idea what gifts may be desirable to your male suiter's mind. You will have to use your own judgment as to what fits your relationship status for the time.

Those heart-shaped candies may not be his thing, but that doesn’t mean gifting him his favorite treats won’t have him smiling from ear to ear this Valentine’s Day. A well-assembled treat bag or basket is a great gift for a new relationship or a great base gift to pair with another for the man in your life.

If you are looking for a more personal gift, consider gifting him some flirty photos of yourself. The photo quality can range from a professionally done boudoir photoshoot, or you can have some pics taken of you in his favorite t-shirt and ballcap. It’s a simple and easy way to personalize any gift, simple or extravagant, and he is bound to love it.

The Way to His Heart

Contrary to popular belief, there are Valentine’s Day gifts for men that they will actually enjoy. With these tips in mind, this Valentine’s Day should be about showing the special man in your life how much you care and how much you pay attention to what he wants or needs.

Plan that trip he has been dreaming of, treat him to dinner and do the little, simple things he loves to show him you care.

The way to his heart may be through his stomach, but the way to a long-lasting life together is through the constant pursuit of his heart, mind and soul. It is about trying to learn something new, being willing to fight for each other and the overarching goal of falling back in love with each other every day.

Our florists at Conroy's Flowers Bakersfield in Bakersfield, CA, want to help you make this a Valentine’s Day that is special to him too. We would be happy to make the centerpiece for your date night or to create a basket full of goodies he’ll love. We even offer delivery, so you’ll have more time to get everything, including yourself, ready for the evening. It is all about the bare necessities after all.

Men want to feel loved too. Consider taking over the planning this Valentine’s Day. After all, you are a professional now.

Happy planning. We hope it is a Valentine’s Day you and he will never forget.

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